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Now and Forever
The great American author, Henry David Thoreau, wrote, "Time is but the stream I go fishing in." All of us enter that stream at birth and for a period of years we float along in different directions; experience joys and sorrows; taste the fruits that life has to offer and cash advance loans from, inevitably, one day the water disappears and suddenly we no longer exist. Death has arrived and our short time on earth has expired.

Must this happen?
Until now the answer has been unequivocally yes. Even though, scientists, biologists, chemists, and others have sought to understand why we age no magic elixir has emerged to defeat death.

Aging is a terminal disease that is acquired at birth and will cause our death if left untreated!

Can this terminal disease be conquered?
I firmly believe so. Slowly but surely modern medicine is beginning to understand why cells age, how we can repair failing parts of our bodies, what biochemical processes cause cells to stop dividing and what can be done to extend our lives indefinitely. We are at the threshold of conquering death with life extension! In the foreseeable future advances will occur that shall challenge the often heard statement, "We all must die sometime."

The next decades will be an extraordinary journey for us as long held medical, religious, and philosophical beliefs will be challenged and revised. The end of natural death will be an achievement unlike any in the history of humankind. But the road to life extension and immortality will be a difficult one to travel. Many will be frightened and oppose indefinite life extension for various reasons. Government leaders and opinion makers will be pushed in different directions. The battle for funding this type of medical research will be fierce. The war on aging will be fought in laboratories and hospitals; ballot boxes and political forums. If you have read this far I will assume that you are interested in a cure for the terminal disease of aging.

So am I.
We are on the precipice of a new age of science. We need to get rid of illnesses. The future promises unparalleled opportunity to defeat death, but to prevail we need a social and political movement that will push life extension to the top rung of our nation's priorities.

This is where C.E.L. comes in!
The Coalition to Extend Life is a nascent national organization dedicated to promoting indefinite life extension. We will engage the political debate in order to ensure that immortality becomes national goal. Aging is a terminal illness that must be conquered!

To many this may seem like a quixotic undertaking, but, in reality, what are the options? The cure for aging will come but it must come in time for you and me before we are rotting in a grave or reduced to a pile of ashes sitting in an urn on a loved one's mantelpiece.

The time to act is now!
I believe there is a majority of Americans who support indefinite life extension. Unfortunately, it is not well organized. Opponents will be able to hijack public opinion and persuade elected officials to oppose or even outlaw such research unless we begin to fight now. If you doubt this is true, merely follow the controversy surrounding Stem Cell Research. We need you to join C.E.L. and become involved in the fight to end aging.

Remember, the preamble to our Constitution states that we have, "The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." C.E.L. will make sure that the right to life means an immortal one for all of us.

"Give me my robe, Put on my crown I have immortal longings in me."
Anthony & Cleopatra


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