Coalition to Extend Life

How Can You Help?

If the Coalition to Extend Life is to become a national voice for supporting the search for immortality, we need help now! Obviously, much of our work will be political. We will support measures to increase funding for human immortality research; and strive diligently to ensure that procedures such as Stem Cell Research, Therapeutic cloning, and other necessary medical tools will not be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. As the last presidential election showed, local organizing wins political battles. C.E.L. is a grass roots effort that will work from the bottom up not the top down. Human immortality will be for all of us therefore anyone who cares about this issue should be involved. Your help is vitally needed and warmly welcomed.

There are many ways to become involved:
1. Become an annual member of C.E.L. For a mere $30.00 you will receive a quarterly newsletter, informing you of medical breakthroughs, a political update and information on what C.E.L. is doing nationwide.You will receive a stone pendant of a Dragonfly. This insect, throughout history, has been a symbol of immortality. Also, you will receive a Dragonfly T-shirt and a packet of ten postcards that we hope you will send to friends and relatives. They are designed to generate interest for our cause and to raise awareness on the issue. We must spread the message!

If you want membership status, and we certainly hope you do, Click here

2. Help collect signatures for the Petition of 1,000,000 Campaign. The purpose of this effort is to begin to build a viable base of political support. We are collecting the names of supporters in every Congressional District in the country, as a first step towards organizing a nationwide grass roots movement. Our elected officials must be made aware there is massive support for immortality now! Click here to learn more.

If you want to be involved as a local coordinator or assist in any other way please contact us at once. The 2006 Federal Election for Congress is just around the corner. C.E.L. will be involved; supporting our friends and opposing our enemies. People matter in politics and You can make a difference!

3. Make a donation. No one will become rich working for C.E.L. but we need money to cover basic necessities. Anything you can spare will be gratefully appreciated. Click here to make a donation.

4. Keep in touch. Communication is vital and we need to know what's on your mind. Feel free to E-mail, write, or call us with any requests, information, questions, evaluations, or criticisms that you have. We look forward to your participation. Contact us!

5. Buy our products. Click here to purchase our products.

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